Christmas Carolling around Scandia 2017


4-H is an important part of the Johnson's lives

Grand Opening of the Centennial Patio

Today we are proud to be active members of the Scandia community and surrounding areas. Warren and Holly are both board members of the Scandia Community Centre. In 2017 we celebrated the 100th anniversary of our small hamlet, where we all helped to organize an event to remember. 

We are all members of Salem Lutheran Church, of which the Johnsons were founding members in Scandia's early years.   Holly is a Sunday school teacher, and Blaine and Warren are both on the Church Board. We take pride in our faith, and do our part to keep the church alive in our small community.  In May of 2019, Salem Lutheran Church celebrated 100 years of ministry in the area with over 200 in attendance!  

 4-H is an important part of learning for the next generation, and both Blaine and Holly are involved as project leaders.  The kids are involved with beef, sheep and judging projects. Each year the kids participate in at least one community service and public speaking event. 


Staying active and healthy is important for growing kids and on many winter Saturdays all the Johnson kids can be found playing pond hockey. 

Johnson float at the Centennial parade in Scandia 2017