The Ranch

C.O. Johnson & Sons Ranches is a large block of native prairie located in Scandia, Alberta, owned by brothers Blaine and Warren Johnson. The herd is comprised of Red Angus/Hereford cross cows that graze on the same hills that the buffalo once grazed on.  

We buy top quality bulls and raise all our own replacement animals for our herd.   We use low stress handling techniques resulting in a quiet herd of cattle.   We use modern production practices to improve the long term sustainability of the land.  This is a family operation where we work the land ourselves and enjoy working with our animals.  

We try to calve our cows as naturally as possible, and the cows calve out on the prairie in spring, just like the buffalo once did.  We make certain that our cattle always have access to clean water and proper nutrition to provide high quality beef for everyone's dinner table.  

We partner with Ducks Unlimited with a project on the ranch from the early 1960's to provide wildlife habitat.  Due to the ranch management, there lots of wildlife and birds that call the ranch home.  

C. O. Johnson & Sons Ranches is located in the Eastern Irrigation District where “Water Works Wonders”.  Without irrigation (which is what brought the Johnsons here in 1920), this area would be too dry to farm or ranch.  With irrigation we grow grazing and silage corn, wheat, barley, alfalfa hay, canola and flax.